Automated documentation of applications through UI tests

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Welcome to Scenarioo

Scenarioo helps you visualizing and documenting the functionalities of your software in a guidebook, that contains the important user interaction flows of your software, generated out of your UI tests. Each so called "User Scenario" is presented as step by step page flow with screenshots and any additional useful information that you want to provide.

Browse your Application's Use Cases and User Scenarios
Browse and Search Pages and Steps inside a Scenario
Navigate Step by Step through the Screens of a Scenario

Scenarioo Usage

Simply use the Scenarioo API in your UI tests to automatically generate such a documentation of your application that is always uptodate. Using the Scenarioo web frontent everybody in your project can easily navigate and browse inside this guidebook, through the user scenarios of your software, it is as simple as reading photo-stories. This might be helpfull to all kind of stakeholders in your project, such as developers, requirement engineers, testers, technical support, product owners, project leaders, business or sales representatives, customers or even users.

Version 2.0 has been released

Only 3 months after Release 1.0, the next version of Scenarioo has been released on 19th September 2014, and comes with some major new features that allows you to even find more information fast and easy in your scenarioo documentations. One of the major new features is the object repository, that allows you to browse all your application specific objects and find out where they are used, in what usecases, scenarios, pages and steps. Another important new feature is the possibility to add labels to usecases, scenarios, steps and pages. Also the URLs have been improved, with an additional new fallback mechanism in case of outdated usecase, scenario or page names inside the URLs. This makes it possible to link more stable to screenshots directly inside scenarioo. And there are even more new features in this new release, just checkout the release notes for the complete feature list: Scenarioo Releases

Have a look

Take a look at our demo to get an idea how Scenarioo can help you document your software.

Getting started and more information

Just have a look at our Scenarioo Wiki Pages.