Automated documentation of applications through UI tests

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Welcome to Scenarioo

Scenarioo helps you visualizing and documenting the functionalities of your software in a guidebook, that contains the important user interaction flows of your software, generated out of your UI tests. Each so called "User Scenario" is presented as step by step page flow with screenshots and any additional useful information that you want to provide.

Simply use the Scenarioo API in your UI tests to automatically generate such a documentation of your application that is always uptodate. Using the Scenarioo web frontent everybody in your project can easily navigate and browse inside this guidebook, through the user scenarios of your software, it is as simple as reading photo-stories. This might be helpfull to all kind of stakeholders in your project, such as developers, requirement engineers, testers, technical support, product owners, project leaders, business or sales representatives, customers or even users.

Version 1.0.0 has been released

We started Scenarioo about one year ago. In Summer 2013 a bunch of people gathered to start the project. A lot happened in the meantime. We are happy to announce that we have just released version 1.0 (27 of June 2014)! This creates the foundation for further cool developments that we can't wait to implement.

Version 1.1.0 will be released by end of August

We have already commenced with the development of the next release 1.1.0 raising scenarioo to the next level. The next version will allow you to assign labels to all artefacts and introduces stable url for steps and images.

Have a look

Take a look at our demo to get an idea how Scenarioo can help you document your software.

Getting started and more information

Just have a look at our Scenarioo Wiki Pages.